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hey there!

My name is Laken. I’m a natural light photographer based in Boise, ID. I mainly photograph families and weddings, but also love everything else in between. The constant change-up keeps my creativity flowing!


I love creating and capturing genuine, candid moments. This absolutely includes more than just smiles. It's the nose picking, laughing, tickling, sibling fights, tantrums, crying and allll the ATTITUDE. Clients might be stressed or feeling anxious about their kids's behavior, but I love the REAL stuff! PLUS, I also always get smiles too and I have lots of patience for chaos, so bring it on!

Over 7 years, I've learned how to create a fun, comfortable space for my clients to open up and feel more relaxed. Don't worry though, I'll be there directing you whenever you need! The "what do I do with my hands" thing isn't an issue. 

a little about me

   Let's see...

+ I'm a Sagittarius and born ginger kid.

+ I’m friendly, chatty, happy, and easy-going. 

+ I’m a mama to an amazing boy and two cuddly pups. I have the most handsome fiance to share life's adventures with and we LOVE traveling the world together eating all the things! (He actually just proposed in Vernazza, Italy and soon we'll be planning an elopement in the desert and then a honeymoon in Bali.)

+ When I’m not working, you can find me snuggled up on the sofa enjoying a movie with my family, spending happy hour on a patio outside somewhere catching up with friends, or jumping on a plane at a moment’s notice to jet set around the globe. 

+ I am a lover of great conversations, authentic people, boho desert vibes, perfectly-chilled champagne, alllll different kinds of food, accents, cooking, tattoos, crime dramas, writing, the warm side of the color wheel, and experiencing new places + cultures + people.

+ I dislike DRAMA, spiders, speed bumps, commercials, bad manners, unkindness, and the idea that there's only one right way to do something.


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